Rise Above Your Past Masterclass - Free Taster

Have you made a mistake in your life that is affecting you right now?
Does it seem like your life is full of mistakes?
Is the mistake of your past controlling your life right now?
You don’t have to keep feeling like this; you can RISE ABOVE YOUR PAST.

A lot of people will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime, and trauma steals our esteem; World Mental Health Surveys provide estimates that 70.4% of adults worldwide have experienced trauma during their lifetime.
According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 61% of men and 51% of women report at least one traumatic event in their lifetime.
Therefore, being equipped with the right tools to rise above our negative experiences is crucial.

What My Clients Says

My experience with the soul doctor has been PHENOMENAL if I had to wrap it up in one word! As a domestic survivor and advocate, she has taught me that there is a beautiful life after abuse and trauma if only you can heal responsibly! Coach Jola really breaks down the nitty gritty of trauma, negative emotions, abuse in lay man’s terms so that anyone regardless of educational background can understand!


I was completely lost and in a dark place in life. I was suffering from burnout and overwhelm. Stuck and feeling like nothing was working. Then I met coach Jola-Grace and that was the beginning of my journey to finding me. Thank you Coach, for answering the call. Thank you for saving me. I am grateful.


Having been through abuse, meeting with the soul doctor helped me reconnect with my lost self, restore my sense of value for me, forgive myself for the choices that led to the abuse, eliminate rumination and so many others. The many modules and take homes showed me how to heal and now I am once again a vibrant, goal seeking, happy and beautiful person